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:: Lottery - win a drawing - WINNER ::

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2014, 10:12 AM

Thank you all for joining my lottery. It was a pleasure to saw so many beautiful characters you have :w00t:
This time the winner is Gulaghar !
I hope to launch such lotteries from time to time, so stay tuned ^^

Hi! Hi!
I want to organize a little lottery for my lovely watchers =) (Smile)
There will be 1 winner who will receive portrait of their character.
But you also can participate in Tumblr lottery and Facebook lottery. There will be 3 winners in sum.
*please, see example below*

AirborneHow to participate?Airborne
Bullet; Green Comment here, add 2-3 references for character you want me to draw
Bullet; Green I will give you a number ^^
Bullet; Green cross your lucky fingers

The winner will be announced on 10 of June.
Thank you for your support!


:: Lottery - win a drawing - Prizes ::

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 2:41 PM

Hello guys!

UPD: And here are prizes!

Thank you so much for participating and for your interest! You have so many beautiful characters :aww: I will make a feature journal a bit letter ^^
But now about winners!Results by sionra
:party: Thanks to we have: :party:
no.29 - Romanita
no.74 - oSuzakuo
no.5 - kajalla

I will draw prizes right after my commissions during the Livestream =)
Hope you will join! :wave:

Hi! :wave:
I want to organize a little lottery for my lovely watchers =)
There will be 3 winners, who will receive portrait of their character
*please, see example below*

Airborne How to participate?Airborne
Bullet; Green Comment here, add 2-3 references for character you want me to draw
Bullet; Green  I will give you a number ^^
Bullet; Green cross your lucky fingers

The 3 winners will be announced on 7th of April.
The drawings will be finished after my main commission list.
Thank you for your support!


::OUaT 1st chapter is over! Kiriban+some feature::

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 6:53 AM

Hello! :wave:

Once Upon ... by sionra

Bullet; Blue Today I uploaded last page of 1st cpater of my comic "Once upon a Time". I hope you like this story and wil enjoy next chapter as well :faint:
You may read whole comic here>>>

Bullet; Blue And about second chapter. For now I'm working on storyboard and first pages. You will find some previews, steps, etc on my FacebookFacebook or Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBunTumblr. The second chapter will continue story about Sif and Yaroslav, who were married and lived happy and calm life together in distant world.
Bullet; Blue Also I decided to make KIRIBAN which is 555 555 pv Here's a kiss for you, my love! I will offer a drawing of single character (OC or Fanart) to first watcher who will catch this number) and send me a Note with printscreen. Sure this kiriban is not for kiriban-hunters/freebie lovers and silent watchers. For your info it's always quite obliviously.
Thank you for support ^^

Bullet; Blue Also welcome to my new watchers! w00t!
Ayanotyan Danalane Amalia-chan karamele2000 TheAislinn Teakari blueberrybell6 eslane Mewls Tay-Sokka Larue88 NeepTheSheep sayoruu Dariele theolyn GoldstarXD nastasiaki88 Marzipan-x3 The1GoodShepherd EstrellaRenoit aakahasha Andreea39 Resoan deimia malkavian30504 GoldenSunHorseStudio Hika-unik grantponine GermanicusNero Dreadhawk michelous Firzen777 nerdycanuck EnterTheNameHere evelinarr Scarce-Rose GlasDuilleog D--isfordangerous AlaishaTheWolf Lorebill Thalie-Na Yasmir TheHuntingSpider ALaChance Leonie-Silverton WolfGirl191 TreyDavidWood AizenSA Emiyashirou SaerwenBeriadanwen spazartist101 ILavo cool-cat95 Vealorenyoukai Mirrei Becomingfoxes Clearita lightsky2009 KathyWong1210 Destiny-FaithAngel sangoichimaru gin-stella sunnycool Irik77 xXOcean-BlazeXx SinisterSmilez VincentVendetta KumikoDreamyArt enteecee Morgan-Lyons monsterhigh112601 ShareaDevler Byrsa 23skyblucita MadSpine CassieWithers Cathola Chupie1990 Ostrum slopsa Rosalya70 Scarlettdeer Tsukisia SteampunkedInkling ccangel33 EmelieTheStrange Aliehs Kleine-Nachteule HarukoTamada NoonaPop KateRom-Q Just-For-Fifi ZapoLight79 BlackCatDraws Aldraen MakPack Morrigan22 ThePaleRaven Rey-Tra-Zell AshNee-chan blu-velvet hidanstoy cherry-yukai Adolana DragonGirlSumida MlleAlys KillaQ The-Lost-Compass Brushogen goldendeath00xx Ka-Ly zaxk32 nicole08139 I-Barf-Rainbows Meokio Whybie Flawlo creirwe ChocolateTaimi DuskStyle Art-By-Cait M0sca-D0mestica valestrada Alphagoth Sugarchief Titi-Draws XxNiniiPandaxX Lemon-Sauce paint-splatter8 huppyleon CartastracciaNera TheAwesomeTrina LCEcstatic QKirin ealair GoshEnTosh NezumiNo6 Jotunares DemonicileSubstance Draethius Synaris Beatgoliath cacahuate16 oOSunBurstOo Owlivia SedecreM2312 Chupanza AsukaKyubi Sulleney Amii-Bear Galesz IritArt219 Volhica-Assassin AdrenalineRush1996 SteveMaelgwn Merc-Wit-da-Mouth xXAliceTeaXx not-named-yet Sanifected Aduro-Obscura Ungen333 fathersith Aleude Sara-Bilders HaileyRidenow LAN0RA SayukiOukami Pilli-draw artlistair smallproblem Kuawen
Bullet; BlueAnd here is a little feature of my silent watchers:
Gathering In The Forest Pg 7 (2007) by LAN0RA
BLEACH OC: Cerys Makaze by artlistair- woawastelake - by OwliviaGift_ Ginevra by M0sca-D0mestica
ACEO Morgana by Kleine-NachteuleGolden Breeze by Byrsa


:: Happy early SV's Day + Hello + Kiriban::

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 9:40 AM

I want to wish you happy SV's Day! It's no matter how you will spend it, just remember that everyone are loved Love hurts 
I made a picture about this holiday with very cliche theme, but I hope you will like it :huggle:
la in love la in love la in love :: Until the end :: by sionrala in love la in love la in love 

Bullet; Blue Also welcome to my new watchers! :w00t:
Jm764 thanhngon GrayOblivion HaleyKlineArt wickedblade Chialupa m42174 Brony687 MiaErrianIrielynn Wolf-one sparklingreys otilax bethcould RubensLilium marathi silverVOID1 ValeskaZombie AzaleaJones Miss-Chili MicMatty viveikcsekaran Visual3Deffect meiisencrew Dawid1998 Ryuuketsu anushka26 lizzball timegoddess SakuyaRed Saimiel Khayria Kiyomi--Hime NiaZaksa28 BertMel Juliababy0 noOo2oO Ireth-Seregon PersonneVeule minihumanoid Mariah-Bryant AlvaSeneca Abysmai Nepokadnezzar KiraVanndrea nenturo chelleface90 Juls93 KazukiShinta temari102 senorraza chikitooo Night-Island24 portuswebs Fenrixion Roselynnn LeslyAnne182 madobuns miu333 SocialPoet 4riot Efureie VampyreCupcake NelsonX catmissi Junkey Derrixo ShikaO-O Khryas akirasanzenin eclysse22 AstridFoxProject Howling-night AlphonseElricsWife Sandrachan CrystalEquinox RinLoveless oSuzakuo Akiri-chann SquiggleKey cherutan SuzuAsuka Impaviid RaineKay CrimsonWarden BemoLeno Aerith-Kheel Ravean Jassi-Katz Morellato EscR3ality CrimsonScissorhands Mila-madm mikaerisu TheManEatingOwl SigSomething LovelyMomo92

I hope you will enjoy my gallery and new works ^^ If you have any questions feel free to ask ^^
Also I want to remind about Kiriban, so here is a quote:
Also I decided to make KIRIBAN which is 555 555 pv Here's a kiss for you, my love! I will offer a drawing of single character (OC or Fanart) to first watcher who will catch this number) and send me a Note with printscreen. Sure this kiriban is not for kiriban-hunters/freebie lovers and silent watchers. For your info it's always quite obliviously.
Thank you for support ^^


:: Time-consuming 'sketches' ::

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 7:00 AM

Recently we with Kimir-Ra made few "story-pages" in pencil technique. For me it was combinig few pencil drawings on one shit. I made this before in monochrome technique and now tried pencils.
And personally I was very suprised when I realized how many time I spent on one page :wow: Really it was like 6-8 hours per page O__O something "for whole day" as I said.
 Storypage: I choose you by sionra Storypage: New friend of mine by sionra
 Storypage: Misteria and Sat by Kimir-Ra Storypage: Taho and Adelin by Kimir-Ra
That was strange, becasue usually I spend about a hour for one single fugure and here I thouth it will be faster. Ooops! My mistake! Making composition, thinking about scenary and shading were extremely slow :faint: I hope it will change.
Also I just can't consider it like "sketches" and call it "sketchpage". Because my sketches are much more rough and messy. So I prefer to call it pencil drawing... with all that shadings and details they ae definitely not sketches XD
I think such pages are very good format for storytelling and showing your character personality. What do you think? What kind of drawing you use mostly to tell story of your characters? Illustrations + text? Only texts? Sketchpages? Single sketches?
And here are some examples of sketch/story/love pages from awesome artists from DA.
Give them your love ^^
Commission: Padma sketchpage by SerenaVerdeArtSketchpage -Elerus-10-11 by SaimainCOMM for Laserdragon sketchpage by Avionetca
Lovesheet - Gar and Varelen by CristianaLeoneEnaSketchpage1 by ekocentricDestry Helmy Sketchpage by Razuri-the-Sleepless
- COMMISSION - Sin Aria Sketchpage - by ooneithooSketchPage - Camille by RakiahWinchester Brothers-Sketchpage by capyBAKA
Sketchpage commission - Nicolai and Loki by Luciana-LuSketchpage comm - Nhymue and Denys by Nike-93
:Caged-Renouveau: Where it has started by Doria-PlumeSketchpage - Emile and Gabrielle by Nike-93:Com: Kiwako Saionji by Linelana


:: Submit or not submit ::

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 2:33 AM

Comparing last year, when I worked on "Monochrome passions 2" Artbook and didn't submit a lot of works in my gallery, this year started very productive. So productive that I even have a line of works for submission.
Recently I read the idea "submit 3 works per week otherwise it will be perceived like spam"... And I was like "Omg I'm spaming people!"
And know what? I think it's quite ok :D
I try my best to submit finished works, best sketches (if any) for other staff like sketches and  WIPs you can always find on my Facebook or Tumblr.

I also plan to make few tutorials (yup, finally) and I'm curious about what do you want to know and to learn?
As for me, when I like someone's else works I prefer to see them more often then once per month. If I'm busy my inbox swells by leaps and bounds, but I do my best to look at every new work and leave some feadback.
As you may already noticed I'm more in "original characters theme" then in "fanart", So I watch mostly people who have their original characters or use so enchanted techniques that I can't stop stare at my screen every time they upload something.

Here I want to add little feature of people I watch and who inspires me a lot! :huggle:
Daisis by Nuaran040 - Memories by Scarlett-Aimpyh- Winter - by LosenkoRight at this moment... by Lunareth
Revolution by Charlie-BowaterLady Liberty 01 -cover- by auroreblackcatDragon Eye by CristianaLeone
..:: New Year Kiss 2014 ::.. by OceanLordWater Lily by Kimir-Ra
Also I open a gallery of my every new watcher. Hey-hey! yes, I saw your gallery! Becasue I'm always curious about who watches me and hope to have a nice dialogs, even if biggest part of my old and new watchers prefer stalk in silence.

Anyway, welcome! And here is a little feature of my new watchers:
 I'm Still here by AadorahHolding Hands by stellamareisBold Riley by colemunrochitty
The Lady with the Callas by Fayen-ri.: tread carefully :. by FillyfallsThe Little Mermaid by LonelyFullMoon
miku watercolour by kaede-kasumiEvery star is a wish by NamtiaFlower Of Orlais by maicakes
Black Fire by RylthaWhen Worlds Collide (PDF) by Endorell-TaelosFierce by Silverstar3
Sketch-A-Day 2014: Day21 by silvertalesWrithing Jungle by WestlyLaFleurDanza! by Shironiki



Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 12:56 AM

UPD: Wooohoo ^^ So many cool offers! For now I will choose few but when I finish them I hope I will organize another art-trades.


I decided to make few art-trades in this year, and being half-busy I want it to be well organized and scheduled.
I already have agreement with wonderful Lunareth for an art-trade in February and want to fill 1-2 slots for March and April.
So if you're interested in art-trade with me, please comment here with name and references of character(s) you want me to draw. Also I hope you will also interested in drawing my character(s) and they inspire you ^^

And next will be words that are obvious and written already for a thousand times, but I will add them anyway.
First of all thank you for your suggestion and offer, I will choose 1-2 persons because I just can't choose everyone ^^ Thank you for understanding!

P.S. Thank you for your interest! :huggle: I hope to have some fun :w00t:


::Post-NewYear hibernation ::

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 8, 2014, 11:34 PM

How are you, my muffins?

I'm finally back on track! :la: New Year holidays are over (yeah, we have 8 days to rest in Russia).
I spent all those days with my best friend Kimir-Ra and we finished so many things we wanted to finish, and started even more projects.
My To-do list doesn't see the end :D  First points are - to finish all commissions and few started illustrations. Then I want to make few more watercolor works. I spent lot of time reading tutorials and watching videos. Oh my, so many techniques, that tricky watercolors! :iconcreepyonionplz:
And the largest project definitely is "Once Upon a Time" chapter 2, continuation of my comic. I have common scenario, so now I should add details, dialogs and make a storyboard. :icononionpanicplz:

Wish me good luck!


:: Kiriban, some news ::

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 1:30 AM

How are you, my muffins? Do you feel a Chritmas mood? :santa:
I hope you feel magical mood, make your 2013 Art memes and prepare to give and get gifts ^^
:bulletblue: As for me, those last weeks are really crazy! :w00t: I wait for 1st of January to finally have a rest a little bit. I still have 1 chrismas commission to finish + 2 portraits which I have as dessert ^,...,^ After that my commissions will be closed until I can add new types and make new examples. Hope you will enjoy this novelty as well.
:bulletblue: I'm exited about uploading a continuation of 1st chapter of my comic "Once upon a time". Here are 1-15 pages. Other will be uploaded when I'll start work on 2nd chapter ^^
Once Upon a Time by sionra Once upon a Time: 01page by sionra Once upon a Time: 02page by sionra Once upon a Time: 03page by sionra
Once upon a Time: 04page by sionra Once upon a Time: 05page by sionra Once upon a Time: 06page by sionra Once upon a Time: 07page by sionra
Once upon a Time: 08page by sionra Once upon a Time: 09page by sionra Once upon a Time: 10page by sionra Once upon a Time: 11page by sionra
Once upon a Time: 12page by sionra Once upon a Time: 13page by sionra Once upon a Time: 14page by sionra Once upon a Time: 15page by sionra
:bulletblue: Also I decided to make KIRIBAN which is 555 555 pv :blowkiss: I will offer a drawing of single character (OC or Fanart) to first watcher who will catch this number) and send me a Note with printscreen. Sure this kiriban is not for kiriban-hunters/freebie lovers and silent watchers. For your info it's always quite obliviously.
Thank you for support ^^


:: Artbook order, shop openning ::

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 13, 2013, 1:35 AM


:star:UPD: Time for some news!
So, recently I've packed ~20 Artbooks and it was extremly slow (1.5 hours in the evening), after I brought them to Post office and asked to ship them this week (due to the big line they ship all parcels or mails with the specific schedule). Today I will prepare next batch, but I already realized that by hand I can take only 20-25 books per day, and that means that I need few weeks to ship all the parcels. Hell, no :la:
So I will ask my friend who has a car to help me this weekend. And I will try to ship all books on Sunday =) I really don't want to extend this process for so long. I really want all books to be shipped fast, that you can enjoy them because I'm very curious about your feedbacks!

So stay tuned, I will send emails with shipping notices! :onfire:

Arbook Order is open ::'Monochrome passions II' order OPEN ::"Monochrome passions II" Artbook order OPEN!
Please visit our shop =)

This artbook contains illustrations and stories by :iconsionra::iconkimir-ra:

:bulletblue: Info:
A5 format, soft-cover, fullcolor
104 pages
Language English (French and Russian translations files may be added by request)
This is 18+ Artbook
Price: 18 USD
Shipping worldwide: 13USD
Payment: Paypal
Artbook will be shipped within 5 bisness days
:bulletblue: HOW TO ORDER:
Please send your order to siondarkness[at] with the following information:
Email subject: Monochrome passions artbook order
Deviantart name:
Full name:
Full address: (don't forget your country and postcode)
Your Paypal email address:
Number of copies

As I motioned in yesterday deviation (yup, very smart to post such thing on Sunday night when nobody even see it), our artbooks were delivered ^^

 I checked all boxes and even made quick photos, which you can see here. Yoooohooo!!! :dummy:

 Artbooks are here by sionra

As for shipping schedule, I’ve printed all addresses already, so I will prepare (at least try ^^;) all envelopes this week. It will be huge box of yellow envelopes, yay!

And the main news I kept for desert! We opened our shop! Lalalalala~

Kagami Art 

Now it’s small and contain only artbook, but we will add something new and interesting asap! So now you can order “Monochrome passions” Artbook directly from site or can Note me (as you wish, dear).


:: 6 years of co-authorship ::

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 5, 2013, 9:11 AM

 We with Kimir-Ra celebrate today 6 years of our RP story!

For this period we wrote 7000+ pages, which turned in 10 volumes of books ^^
We published 2 sketchbooks, 2 artbooks and 1 comicbook, dedicated to our story. And we will continue doing this MADNESS!
We have countless number of illustrations and sketches and even 30 BJD (dolls) of our characters XD

This is unique and long co-authorship, which changed a lot in our worlds, characters and us. We wish to everybody to have such cool inspiration every day of your life!

And thank you for support and following us!



:: GIVEAWAY - Winners ::

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 23, 2013, 4:40 AM

Hi all!

:star: UPD: As you maybe already know we announced the winners of our lottery on Facebook and Tumblr.
Thank you every one for support and participation!
It wasn't the last giveaway ;)

Celebrating "Monochrome passions II" Artbook publication we are holding a giveaway <3
:star: Prizes: digital colored drawing and monochrome portrait. :star:

Giveaway by Kimir-Ra

Prizes:�digital colored drawing and monochrome portrait.


  • Follow us on Facebook Facebook or/and Tumblr IconTumblr blog if you still don't :)
  • Like & Reblog this post: on Tumblr on Facebook. See details on post. Likes and reblogs each count as one entry.
  • Ends October 31th.

Good luck and thanks everyone! :la:

::'Monochrome passions II' order OPEN ::

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 16, 2013, 9:09 AM

"Monochrome passions II" Artbook order OPEN!

Please visit our shop =)

Kagami Art

This artbook contains illustrations and stories by :iconsionra::iconkimir-ra:
Monochrome Passions artbook cover by Kimir-Ra
Artbook: Monochrome passions 2 by sionra

:bulletblue: Info:
A5 format, soft-cover, fullcolor
104 pages
Language English (French and Russian translations files may be added by request)
This is 18+ Artbook

Price: 18 USD
Shipping worldwide: 13USD
Payment: Paypal

Artbook will be shipped within 5 bisness days

:bulletblue: HOW TO ORDER:
Please send your order to siondarkness[at] with the following information:

Email subject: Monochrome passions artbook order
Deviantart name:
Full name:
Full address: (don't forget your country and postcode)
Your Paypal email address:
Number of copies:
ask me if you need French/Russian translation

When your order is received, I'll reply with your order number and payment details.

Russia by LifesDestiny Подробности о заказе вы можете найти здесь >>

:: Suddenly ::

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 4:05 AM

Hello muffins!

Suddenly we with :iconkimir-ra: realized that our new "Monochrome passions" Artbook will be BIG!
For now it contains 104 pages :onfire: Wow! Just wow!

So we need to finish last pages and finally will open a Pre-order ^^
Also we will organize few raffles on our FacebookFacebook and Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBunTumblr
Join and Enjoy! :heart:

:: Livestream: requests - Off ::

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 6:00 AM

Hi muffins!

:new: UPD: Livestream is OFF. Thank you for visiting and for links!
You may see Livestream results on my Tumblr ->…
I will make new livestream this week. Stay turn ;)
:star: Livestream is On. Chat is to the right.

I plan to make a Livestream this weekend (don't know exact time now). I will work at some illustration (commission or personal staff) and after I will draw a requests.
It will be b/w sketch portraits.

You may post a link to your character reference here or during the Livestream in LS chat ^^
See ya!

:: Some interesting questions about our story ::

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 12:28 AM

Hello my muffins!

 I decide to re-blog some interesting questions that we received from our followers on Tumblr blog. Just becasue I find them cognitive ^^

 Q: Hi. I hope you don't mind me asking but how do your followers/fans know what is happening in your story at the moment? Is it just based off of what you post on tumblr and dA in your answers and artworks? Or do you ever write out the plot for your followers?

A: Hi!
Unfortunately we realised that we do not have opportunity to fix all the moments of RP. It’s really goes too fast sometimes, so for illustrate all this we should make it our fulltime work =)

Illustrations and wips in tumblr are not quite structured and are not always submited
in the correct order, it’s more question of inspiration. If moment of RP inpires much we make sketches (for example how I showed you character Kira. And you could be like “WTF is she?" Or a mont ago we played a scene where Taho died… but not me neither Kim didn’t draw or tell anithing about it).

Now we working hard on Artbook and stories that we will put in it. That’s why we can’t even sketch some moments from current RP.
In artbook we will describe many important moments of story, very close to current one. Not like a couple of dozen pages but 1-3 for each couple, and thematic illustrations (which depict not only passion moments but also some general things about characters). Our friendly translator does our best to make textes interesting ^^
So artbook will be the great place to finally consolidate all stories.

When we will finish Artbook (and trust us we dream about it every day) we will finally exhale and continue showing you current moments of stories!

 Q: What has happened with Dragon and Aminael??! Or is it just sketch and nothing plot?

Sketch for Monochrome passions artbook^^
Сruel Dragon&#8230; poor Aminael ~_~
A: It is sketch for one most important scene in our RP. It is some sort of bloody ritual, which Dragon obliged to do with Amina.
I’ll write about it in artbook more.

 Q:Hi, it`s Ambery again! It`s funny because we my friend and I play PR, she often cries "страдаааания!" and then laughs, too! You said your characters suffer and develope after trials, I can understand it well. Can you tell me about any episodes which changed them absolutely, please? Sif and Misteria, Amina and her brother, and especially more "strong" and "hard" characters like Taho, Yar and Dragon? I like them all very much and want to know something new about them:)Or at least name their trials
A: I’ll try^^
Roland’s life has changed since he witnessed his mother’s death. When he was a child, Misteria experienced clinical death and for a time was a ghost. Taho suffered much and not paying attention to his son. Since then Roland is afraid of losing people he loved and his goal in life was to get a great power to protect them.

Taho has a very unstable mind and a several of times he fell into an uncontrollable rage and madness. These moments have been an ordeal for his entire family.

For Sif big test was her first love for Lis. Unfortunately, this feeling was not mutual. After that, Sif did not start a serious relationship and having several lovers at once. Until she met her husband, who change all her life.

The most difficult challenge for Yaroslav was loneliness.
Curse of the God of destruction left him alone. Womans who loved him could not bear his destructive aura and died. Yar become very secretive and grim.
The second challenge for him was the loss of the memory of his beloved Sif. He was not able to return the memory but Sif stayed with him and he fell in love with her again.

Dragon is not fortunate enough to have such creator as moody and self-centered god Lleu. In his youth, Dragon was subjected to ridicule and testing from Lleu. He learned to hide his thoughts and feelings. Dragon eventually become blunted emotions, which making him cold and callous. Meeting with Aminael forced him to re-learn how to express his affection.

Misteria changed a lot when she found out that she and her brother should choose their belonging to the world of demons or angels. Her brother Azamat opted for her and become a demon. Later Misteria learned that if she dies, she will not rise again. It left a lasting impression on her psyche.

Aminael has too many tragedies in her life, but none of them changed her strong and kind heart.

More questions and answers you can find in our Tumblr blog.

If you have another questions about our stories or us, or whatever :giggle: feel free to use Ask function on Tumblr  (anonimously or not), or you can ask here in this journal.

See ya!

:: Monochrome Passions Artbook - preparations ::

Journal Entry: Wed May 29, 2013, 2:34 AM

Hi :wave: 

We with :iconkimir-ra: currently work on our "Monochrome Passions" Artbook.

This artbook will contain many illustrations and stories about out characters, we collected most beautiful works and drew many new illustrations specially for it. Also we write and translate into English some interesting facts and stories ^^

This artbook will include sections dedicated to each character/couple/storyline.

You will know more about Sif and Yaroslav, their family and children. Their curse and liberation from it. About why Yaroslav asked for help of demoness Phobos. You will learn more about Aminael and Dragon's life after they left their native world and started live together. How they lost something very important for them.

We will tell you more about Lleu and Aminael relations, about his plan to part her with Dragon and creation a young goddess Elesana - exactly for this reasons.

We will include more info Taho and Misteria, and their ambiguous situation with 3rd child. About young and ambitious vampire Krez who live and work in Hell despite the fact that demons don't trust other races much. Yup, this book will tell you stories about many demons, like handsome Alek, two Supreme demons Baalberith and Verzivul and their fox ledies Livadia and Inary.

Be mine forever by sionra Protect me by sionra My black cat by sionra Mine forever by sionra Pin-up goddess by sionra
Silence of your heart by sionra Sing for me by sionra Missed you by sionra Paint over me by sionra

Last dragoness by sionra Demon in your bed by sionra I love you more by sionra Not a friends anymore by sionra
Your personal hunter by sionra Wild god by sionra Snake sorceress by sionra Passion by Kimir-Ra Kiss me my tiger by Kimir-Ra
Love blindly by Kimir-Ra Unprotected by Kimir-Ra Dragoness by Kimir-Ra Innocence by Kimir-Ra
 Her Mentor by Kimir-Ra Part of me by Kimir-RaDamn minstrel by Kimir-RaBe my guest by Kimir-Ra

Finally we can tell you more about each our character not only trough the complete illustrations but also with stories and sketches.
You may see the process below and :facebook:Facebook || Tumblr <- Find more sketches and WIPs

Artbook: Monochrome passions 2 by sionra